What Is Clean Air Trekking?

Some of these things might be more important to you than others. How do you get the most pleasure out of your life and your world? What brings you the most joy? Is it more money in your pocket? More time? Getting anywhere and everywhere? Friends, family, and community? Exploring your world and meeting new people? Is it simply the joy of motion?

Clean Air Trekking is about the joy of movement and exploration. It’s about seeing your own neighborhood in a new way. Clean Air Trekking is the hunt for new urban landscapes and landmarks. It’s the search for hidden treasures, new people, and new friends. Clean Air Trekking is about the love of urban exploration and travel.

You breathe 28,000 times each day. That’s 3,000 gallons of air every single day. Clean Air Trekking is about making sure that the air you breathe helps you get the most joy out of your life.

Clean Air Trekkers Creed

We move. We explore. We do more with what we have. We go farther using less. We track every mile, every dollar, and every drop of fuel. We love every moment behind the wheel. We think. We look ahead.

We know our cars almost better than we know ourselves. We believe there is a time to walk, a time to roll, a time to ride, and a time to drive.

We’re smart. We improvise. We get where we want to go when we need to get there. We believe in building vibrant, livable, walkable communities.

We don’t always travel in a straight line. We know that slowing down doesn’t always mean taking our time. We breathe. Our machines breathe. We celebrate the alchemy of air. When we take a breath, we know that the next one will be better.

Air Trekkers have made the commitment to preserve clean air. Our philosophy is to:

  • Still enjoy driving without saying “no.”
  • Commit to walking, biking, and driving less.
  • Find the balance of between conservation and the pleasure of driving.
  • Be advocates of designing things better and to support sustainability.
  • Support eco-driving or become a hypermilist.
  • Preserve clean air.

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