Student Involvement

About the Program
During a 40 hour program held during November and December of 2009, twenty-five Montessori Freshmen and Sophomores participated in labs, lectures, and experiences relating to clean air. Students experienced Discovery World’s labs consisting of a Video Production Studio, Digital Arts Lab, Audio Studio, Print and Publishing Lab, Prototyping Lab and Science Labs. Professionals in the field (Video Producer, Graphic Designers, Presentation Coach, Science Educators, and Audio Designer) worked with students in small groups to produce elements of an Ad Agency called Air Trekkers. Digital media projects such as a web site (, a video spot in addition to collateral pieces (an Eco-Driving Booklet and a Green Travel Poster) were produced under the guidance of a pro. A street intervention took place where students called attention to asthma through a giant inhaler and wrote “activity” prescriptions calling on the general public to preserve clean air and drive less.

Montessori Student Projects

  • Green Travel Booklet
  • Green Travel Poster
  • Clean Air Trek Student Blogs
  • Air Trek Intervention
  • Knowledge Commercial

Eco Experiences & Interventions
Discovery World has been the recipient of an Eco-Driving Grant. Through this grant, Discovery World was able to establish a new prototype program exclusively for twenty-five Montessori High School students. The program, Alive In The Neighborhood: Eco Interventions & Experiences amplifies students’ knowledge of eco-driving practices, the science of clean air, and digital media. Through this grant, Discovery World provided Montessori students with a customized one-of-a-kind experience no other high school is receiving. Used as a prototype, this opportunity will help tailor future eco-driving and clean air curriculums and experiences. Furthermore, students fuse together academics, digital media, and creativity. Experiences include labs, lectures, and public interventions that connect students with professionals in the field. All of which can lead students to new career paths and a heightened awareness of innovation and creativity.

About the Grant
This program is partially funded by a grant provided through the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Discovery World will be working in partnership with Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to install an eco-driving exhibit and to develop a related workshop and public awareness campaign to talk about the benefits of eco-driving related to the overall air quality in Southeast Wisconsin.

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